Comparison of types of Begonia taliensis (A–C) and B. muliensis (D) A Ducloux No. 5184 (Yunnan) B Delavay No. 220 (Yunnan) C Henry 8946 (Sichuan) D T.T. Yü #14024 (Sichuan) (A accessed JSTOR and imaged by Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem B, C. Photos by Daike Tian at Herbarium Museum of Paris D accessed JSTOR, Imaged by Herbarium of the Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University).

  Part of: Tian D-K, Xiao Y, Li Y-C, Yan K-J (2020) Several new records, synonyms, and hybrid-origin of Chinese begonias. PhytoKeys 153: 13-35.