The Nomenclature Section of the XIX International Botanical Congress, Shenzhen, China, 20 July 2017. The Bureau of Nomenclature is seated on the front row (left to right): Li Zhang, Yun-Fei Deng (Recorders), Anna M. Monro (Recorders’ Assistant), John H. Wiersema (Vice-rapporteur), Nicholas J. Turland (Rapporteur-général), Sandra Knapp (President), Renée H. Fortunato, John McNeill, Werner Greuter, Gideon F. Smith, and Karen L. Wilson (Vice-presidents). – Reproduced by permission of the photographer, Li Zhang, Fairy Lake Botanical Garden.

  Part of: Lindon HL, Hartley H, Knapp S, Monro AM, Turland NJ (2020) XIX International Botanical Congress, Shenzhen: report of the Nomenclature Section, 17 th to 21 st July 2017. PhytoKeys 150: 1-276.