Comparison of size and morphology of ripe fruits (anthocarps) amongst members of Ceodes, Pisonia and Rockia (Nyctaginaceae). The outline of infructescences are shown below each anthocarp A Ceodes brunoniana (based on St. John 11272 (US-01258187)) B Ceodes longirostris (based on Brass 2972 (HUH-00046918)). Note the extremely long rostrum at the tip of the anthocarp (indicated with an arrow) C Ceodes umbellifera (based on Foxworthy 593 (US-03661041)) D Pisonia aculeata L. (based on Caraballo 3464 (IJ)) E Pisonia grandis (based on Fosberg 24357 (US-00959523)) F Rockia sandwicensis (based on Lorence 6305 (US-00452890)). Illustration credit: Ramos SepĂșlveda.

  Part of: Rossetto EFS, Caraballo-Ortiz MA (2020) Splitting the Pisonia birdcatcher trees: re-establishment of Ceodes and Rockia (Nyctaginaceae, Pisonieae). PhytoKeys 152: 121-136.