Field images for representative species of Ceodes, Pisonia and Rockia (Nyctaginaceae) from the Pacific Islands A Ceodes taitensis. Branch with pistillate flowers B Ceodes brunoniana. Ripe anthocarps (fruits) exuding sticky secretions (arrow) C, D Ceodes umbellifera. Branch with ripe anthocarps (C) and staminate flowers at anthesis (D) E, F Pisonia grandis R.Br. Staminate flowers at anthesis (E) and ripe anthocarps (F) G–I Rockia sandwicensis. Staminate (G) and pistillate (H) flowers at anthesis and ripe anthocarps (I) Photo credits: A, F by J.-Y. Meyer B by L. Jensen C by C.-I Peng D, E, I by F. Starr and K. Starr G, H by K. Magnacca.

  Part of: Rossetto EFS, Caraballo-Ortiz MA (2020) Splitting the Pisonia birdcatcher trees: re-establishment of Ceodes and Rockia (Nyctaginaceae, Pisonieae). PhytoKeys 152: 121-136.