Agrostis boyacensis, examples of specimens from páramo or superpáramo of the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy A whole plant B close-up of inflorescence C spikelet at anthesis, lateral view D upper culm blades and ligular area E floret, ventral view F floret, dorsal view. Images A, C, D, F: Cleef 8504 (US01247250) courtesy of United States National Herbarium (US); B, E: Cleef 5665 (US2785695). Scale bar of E also for F.

  Part of: Sylvester SP, Cuta-Alarcon LE, Bravo-Pedraza WJ, Soreng RJ (2020) Agrostis and Podagrostis (Agrostidinae, Poaceae) from páramos of Boyacá, Colombia: synoptic taxonomy including a key to Colombian species. PhytoKeys 151: 107-160.