Argyreia pseudosolanum. A Stem with leaves and inflorescences B adaxial leaf surface C abaxial leaf surface D upper part of leaf, showing secondary veins on adaxial leaf surface E inflorescence bracts, outer (left) to inner (right) F 5 sepals from outer (left) to innermost (right) G flower in front view H opened corolla with 5 stamens I pistil, showing undulate disc and biglobose stigma J filament insertion showing an attachment point K single stamen L close-up of lower part of stamen, showing a few multicellular uniseriate hairs M multicellular uniseriate hair N young fruits with sepals O fruit in longitudinal section, showing 2 immature seeds. All drawn by N. Chitchak from voucher specimens Suddee et al. 5363 (BKF) (A–M), P. Kochaiphat 353 (BKF) (N, O).

  Part of: Traiperm P, Suddee S (2020) A new species of Argyreia (Convolvulaceae) from Thailand. PhytoKeys 149: 109-115.