Brevianthus flavus subsp. crenulatus: A lateral view of shoot B dorsal view of shoot C habitus D ventral view of shoot E abaxial leaf cell surface F cell margin at leaf apex, one leaf-lobe featured G leaf showing crenulate hyaline cells prominent on dorsal margin H–L leaves dissected and flattened M ventral view of shoot N leaf apex O dorsal view of regenerant showing bulging cells and bifid leaf apices P lateral view of regenerant attached to adaxial side of single cell near the leaf margin at shoot base Q lateral view of stem, apex to left. All from NSW745726. Scale: 500 µm (A, B, D, H–M); 3000 µm (C); 50 µm (E, F); 250 µm (G, O, P, Q); 200 µm (N).

  Part of: Renner MAM, Engel JJ, Patzak SDF, Heinrichs J (2015) A new species of Brevianthus (Brevianthaceae, Marchantiophyta) from New Caledonia with unusual underleaf production. PhytoKeys 50: 43-60.