Oxytropis shennongjiaensis D.G. Zhang, J.T. Chen, T. Deng & H. Sun A, B plant showing flowering branch and leaves C bract D calyx E–F wing G–H standard (view from inside) I keel J ovary K legume L stipules. (Drawn based on the holotype of D.G. Zhang & Q. Liu 19060901 by J. N. Yang).

  Part of: Chen J-T, Zhang D-G, Lv Z-Y, Huang X-H, Liu P-J, Yang J-N, Yang J-Y, Tojibaev K, Deng T, Sun H (2020) Oxytropis shennongjiaensis (Fabaceae), a new species from Hubei, Central China. PhytoKeys 149: 117-128. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.149.49533