Pilea miguelii. A Habit; note the unequal leaf laminae at each node B Leaf detail (major lamina upper surface) showing cystoliths C Staminate inflorescence D Detail of staminate inflorescence. E Staminate flower showing tepals covering anthers F Pistillate inflorescence G Pistillate flower H Pistillate flower with tepals teased apart to show mature ovary. (A from B. Stergios & M. Niño 16028 (PORT); B–E from B. Stergios & M. Niño 16028 (US); F–H from J.A. Steyermark 55767 (US)).

  Part of: Dorr L, Stergios B (2014) Four new species of andean Pilea (Urticaceae), with additional notes on the genus in Venezuela. PhytoKeys 42: 57-76. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.42.8455