Images of representative species of Nekemias Raf. A–B Nekemias arborea (L.) J. Wen & Boggan, voucher specimen: J. Wen 12005 (US), collected from Montgomery Co., Texas, USA C–D N. cantoniensis (Hook. & Arn.) J. Wen & Z.L. Nie, voucher specimen: J. Wen 10613 (US), collected from Xichou Xian, Yunnan province, China E–F N. celebica (Suess.) J. Wen & Boggan, voucher specimen: J. Wen 10242 (US), collected from SE Sulawesi, Indonesia.

  Part of: Wen J, Boggan J, Nie Z (2014) Synopsis of Nekemias Raf., a segregate genus from Ampelopsis Michx. (Vitaceae) disjunct between eastern/southeastern Asia and eastern North America, with ten new combinations. PhytoKeys 42: 11-19.