History of publication of the endemic taxa of Mozambique. Cumulative publication dates (basionyms) for currently accepted strict-endemic taxa (green line), and combined strict-endemic and near-endemic taxa (red line), 1840 to present. Also highlighted are the date ranges for the three relevant Tropical African Flora programmes: "Flora of Tropical Africa" (1868–1937), "Flora of Tropical East Africa" (1952–2012) and "Flora Zambesiaca" (1960–present).

  Part of: Darbyshire I, Timberlake J, Osborne J, Rokni S, Matimele H, Langa C, Datizua C, de Sousa C, Alves T, Massingue A, Hadj-Hammou J, Dhanda S, Shah T, Wursten B (2019) The endemic plants of Mozambique: diversity and conservation status. PhytoKeys 136: 45-96. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.136.39020