Cross-border Centres of Plant Endemism in Mozambique. Note that the boundaries of these Centres of Endemism are only intended to be indicative; further research is required to more accurately delimit these centres. The two montane Centres (Chimanimani-Nyanga and Mulanje-Namuli-Ribaue) are drawn as continuous blocks for clarity, but in reality they are a discontinuous series of peaks.

  Part of: Darbyshire I, Timberlake J, Osborne J, Rokni S, Matimele H, Langa C, Datizua C, de Sousa C, Alves T, Massingue A, Hadj-Hammou J, Dhanda S, Shah T, Wursten B (2019) The endemic plants of Mozambique: diversity and conservation status. PhytoKeys 136: 45-96.