Amomum schistocalyx Y.H.Tan & H.B.Ding, sp. nov. A habit B leaf blade abaxially C, D ligule E pseudostem F flowers (front view) G flowers (back view) and showing non-tubular calyx (even when flower budding) H inflorescence I infructescence J single flower K single fruit L cross section of fruit M bracteole N calyx O dorsal corolla lobe P lateral corolla lobes Q labellum with floral tube and lateral staminodes R stamen with stigma and style (back view) S stamen with stigma and style (front view) T ovary with pedicel U epigynous glands. Photographed by H.B. Ding.

  Part of: Ding H-B, Yang B, Maw MB, Win PP, Tan Y-H (2020) Taxonomic studies on Amomum Roxburgh s.l. (Zingiberaceae) in Myanmar II: one new species and five new records for the flora of Myanmar. In: Jin X-H, Xia N-H, Tan Y-H (Eds) Plant diversity of Southeast Asia-II. PhytoKeys 138: 139-153.