Main morphological characters of Chlorospatha silverstonei and C. minima. A, B, E C. silverstonei C, D, F, G C. minima A adult plant B abaxial blade surface C abaxial blade surface D adult plant E cataphyll and inflorescence in post anthesis, note spathe acuminate and longer than the spadix F Inflorescence in anthesis (right) and post-anthesis (left) G shoot, showing young infructescence with deciduous spathe blade and young inflorescence.

  Part of: Muñoz-Castillo A, Guevara-Ibarra L, Clavijo L, Zuluaga A (2019) Two new species of Chlorospatha section Orientales (Araceae) from western Andes in Colombia. PhytoKeys 135: 21-34.