Inflorescence and leaf characters of Chlorospatha minima and C. silverstonei. A–I C. minima J–O C. silverstonei A inflorescence B female flowers C male flowers D sterile flowers E infructescence F adaxial blade surface, note the reticulum of cells in the peeling of abaxial surface G abaxial blade surface H primary lateral and minor veins glabrous on abaxial surface I seed J inflorescence K female flowers L male flowers M adaxial blade surface, note the layers of cells N abaxial blade surface O primary lateral and minor veins with scale-like indumentum on abaxial surface. (Photographs by Juan Felipe Ortega and the imaging laboratory at the Biology graduate program at Universidad del Valle).

  Part of: Muñoz-Castillo A, Guevara-Ibarra L, Clavijo L, Zuluaga A (2019) Two new species of Chlorospatha section Orientales (Araceae) from western Andes in Colombia. PhytoKeys 135: 21-34.