Saxifraga damingshanensis A Habit B whole plant C basal leaves rosette with long petiole, plant cover white trichomes D flower and fruit, pedicel slender with short trichomes, filaments clavate E adaxial leaf surface dark green, sparsely glandular piliferous F abaxial leaf surface grey, sparsely glandular piliferous and purple spotted G petiole with glandular piliferous H rhizomes cover sparsely glandular piliferous, petiole base sheathed I adaxial surface of sheath, glabrous, margin with glandular piliferous J abaxial surface of sheath, upper with sparse glandular piliferous.

  Part of: Zhao W-Y, Meng K-K, Fan Q, Jin J-H, Liao W-B (2019) Saxifraga damingshanensis (S. sect. Irregulares, Saxifragaceae), a new species from Guangxi, China. PhytoKeys 133: 95-103.