Venation patterns of sterile pinnae from all species of Bolbitis in Taiwan A Bolbitis angustipinna (Y.-F. Huang 176, TAIF) B Bolbitis appendiculata (Y.-F. Huang 243, TAIF) C Bolbitis heteroclita (Y.-F. Huang 221, TAIF) D Bolbitis heteroclita × subcordata (Y.-F. Huang 366, TAIF) E Bolbitis laxireticulata (Y.-F. Huang 228, TAIF) F Bolbitis × nanjenensis (Y.-F. Huang 213, TAIF) G Bolbitis rhizophylla (Y.-F. Huang 124, TAIF) H Bolbitis scalpturata (Y.-F. Huang 164, TAIF) I Bolbitis subcordata (Y.-F. Huang 254, TAIF) J Bolbitis lianhuachihensis (holotype specimen, Y.-S. Chao 3006, TAIF) K Bolbitis hainanensis (holotype specimen, C. Wang 35870, PE) L Bolbitis virens var. compacta (type specimen, Tagawa et al. 6802, L). The angles of veinlets to costae are indicated in B. lianhuachihensis (J), B. hainanensis (K), and B. virens var. compacta (L). Scale bars: 5 mm.

  Part of: Chao Y-S, Huang Y-F, Dong S-Y, Huang Y-M, Liu H-Y (2019) Bolbitis lianhuachihensis (Dryopteridaceae), a new species from Taiwan. PhytoKeys 131: 69-81.