Austrocallerya australis (Endl.) J.Compton & Schrire. A Habit B leaf and detail of leaflet apex C flower buds with bract and 2 bracteoles D flower E calyx external surface F calyx detail of inner surface G standard petal inner surface H wing petal I keel petal J staminal column ventral view K stamens dorsal and ventral views L staminal column lateral view M ovary lateral view N stigma O pod P seed angled lateral view (all from Martin 1392). Drawn by Margaret Tebbs.

  Part of: Compton JA, Schrire BD, K√∂nyves K, Forest F, Malakasi P, Mattapha S, Sirichamorn Y (2019) The Callerya Group redefined and Tribe Wisterieae (Fabaceae) emended based on morphology and data from nuclear and chloroplast DNA sequences. PhytoKeys 125: 1-112.