Distinctive morphological characters in Tribe Wisterieae. A Endosamara racemosa standard petal inner surface B Padbruggea dasyphylla standard petal inner surface C Padbruggea dasyphylla pod D Padbruggea dasyphylla seed lateral view E Austrocallerya australis standard petal inner surface F Austrocallerya pilipes pod G Austrocallerya pilipes seed lateral view H Padbruggea filipes standard petal I Afgekia sericea standard petal inner surface J Afgekia sericea seed lateral view K Afgekia sericea seed angled lateral view L Callerya nitida pod M Callerya nitida seed ventral view N Callerya nitida seed polar view O Callerya cinerea pod P Whitfordiodendron nieuwenhuisii pod Q Whitfordiodendron erianthum seed R Wisteriopsis eurybotrya gibbosity S Wisteriopsis championii gibbosity A from Luang Vanpruk 188 B from Scortechini 429 C, D from Lamb 395/91 E from L.J.Brass 32129 F, G from B.Gray 04319 H from Maung Po Khant 15326 I from C. Chermsirivathana 996 J, K from Mrs Collins 104/9 L–N from Theophilus Sampson O from G.Forrest 19279 P from J.P.Mogea 4182 Q from photo Y.Sirichamorn s.n.. R from J. & M.S.Clemens 3637 S from Shiu Ying Hu 10476. See Appendix 1 for voucher details. Drawn by Margaret Tebbs.

  Part of: Compton JA, Schrire BD, Könyves K, Forest F, Malakasi P, Mattapha S, Sirichamorn Y (2019) The Callerya Group redefined and Tribe Wisterieae (Fabaceae) emended based on morphology and data from nuclear and chloroplast DNA sequences. PhytoKeys 125: 1-112. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.125.34877