Macromorphology of Sacoglottis perryi. A Dried fruit with central seed embedded in woody endocarp, longitudinal split along carpel wall (dissected by Cuatrecasas) B dried fruit with 2 central seeds and endocarp lacunae, transverse section C fresh fruit with fleshy yellow-green exocarp and liquid in endocarp lacunae, transverse section D young inflorescence with bracts intact (b) or fallen leaving bract scars (bs) E mature bud with marginal sepal gland (small red dot in center) F partly open flower with intact anthers G post-anthetic flower H freshly cut trunk I type in life just before pressing. Sources: A Gillespie 2810 B Tripp 2984 C, E–I Redden 7264 D Hoffman 1600 (all US).

  Part of: Wurdack KJ, Zartman CE (2019) Insights on the systematics and morphology of Humiriaceae (Malpighiales): androecial and extrafloral nectary variation, two new combinations, and a new Sacoglottis from Guyana. PhytoKeys 124: 87-121.