Micromorphology of Sacoglottis perryi. A Marginal glandular seta B basilaminar gland, adaxial C laminar gland near margin, abaxial D sepal tip, inner side with terminal gland E paired glandular stipules and petiole scar F pollen inside sporangium G stigma with ephemeral lobes intact and showing secretion H stigma lobes shredded showing thin walls I gynoecium with diagnostic hirsute ovary J glandular disc with erose margin. Sources: A–C Gillespie 2810 D–J Tripp 2984 (all US).

  Part of: Wurdack KJ, Zartman CE (2019) Insights on the systematics and morphology of Humiriaceae (Malpighiales): androecial and extrafloral nectary variation, two new combinations, and a new Sacoglottis from Guyana. PhytoKeys 124: 87-121. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.124.34679