Stamen structure and anatomy of Humiriaceae. A Vantanea compacta anther, lateral B Vantanea compacta anther, dorsal C Vantanea depleta anther, lateral D Vantanea spiritu-sancti anther, lateral E Schistostemon oblongifolius clearing of androecium with 3 stamen types, ventral F Vantanea spiritu-sancti longitudinal section of ovary with 2 superposed ovules per locule; lower left ovule partial G Hylocarpa heterocarpa anthers (left to right): disporangiate dorsal, ventral; sterile, dorsal. Sources: A, B Hatschbach 21265 C Hammel & Trainer 12954 D, F Silva et al. 1436 E Maas et al. 6804 G Ducke [JBRJ-30137] (all US).

  Part of: Wurdack KJ, Zartman CE (2019) Insights on the systematics and morphology of Humiriaceae (Malpighiales): androecial and extrafloral nectary variation, two new combinations, and a new Sacoglottis from Guyana. PhytoKeys 124: 87-121.