Spiradiclis tubiflora. A Habit B Enlarged leaf blade (adaxial) C Stipule D Style E Opened corolla F Infructescence, lateral view G Capsule before dehiscence H Matured capsules split into four valves. Scale bars: 1 cm (A, D, E); 3 mm (C, F–H). Drawn from the holotype by Zheng-Meng Yang.

  Part of: Wu L, Wang B-M, Pan B, Yu X-L (2019) Spiradiclis tubiflora (Rubiaceae), a new cave-dwelling species from southern China. In: Cai J, Yu W-B, Zhang T, Li D-Z (Eds) Revealing of the plant diversity in China’s biodiversity hotspots. PhytoKeys 130: 217-224. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.130.34625