Marsdenia yarlungzangboensis C.Liu, J.D.Ya & Y.H.Tan A habit B inflorescences and adaxial leaf surface C abaxial leaf surface D flower (lateral view) E flower (front view, showing hairy throat) F opened corolla G opened calyx H gynostegium and staminal corona I pistil J pollinarium. Photo credit: Cheng Liu (A–E) and Lian-Yi Li (F–J).

  Part of: Liu C, Ya J-D, Tan Y-H, He H-J, Dong G-J, Li D-Z (2019) Marsdenia yarlungzangboensis (Apocynaceae, Asclepiadoideae), a new species from Xizang, China. In: Cai J, Yu W-B, Zhang T, Li D-Z (Eds) Revealing of the plant diversity in China’s biodiversity hotspots. PhytoKeys 130: 85-92.