Cylindrolobus glabriflorus X.H.Jin & J.D.Ya. A Plant B inflorescence C ventral view of flower D lateral view of flower E adaxial sepals and petals F abaxial sepals and petals G lateral view of column and lip H front view of labellum I lateral view of labellum J ventral view of labellum K lateral view of column L front view of column M adaxial bract N abaxial bract O lateral view of pollinarium P polar view of pollinarium Q abaxial anther cap R adaxial anther cap (Photographed by J.D. Ya).

  Part of: Ya J-D, Jin X-H, Liu C (2019) Two new species of Cylindrolobus (Orchidaceae) from the eastern Himalayas. In: Cai J, Yu W-B, Zhang T, Li D-Z (Eds) Revealing of the plant diversity in China‚Äôs biodiversity hotspots. PhytoKeys 130: 107-113.