Morphology of Nasa angeldiazioides (A–E, L, M) and similar taxa (F–K). A Flower, frontal view B Flower, lateral view C Capsule, lateral view, note the thin, curved pedicel D General habit of several flowering plants in their natural habitat, Bosque de Chiñama E Mature basal leaf F Mature leaf of Nasa urens G Young plant of N. pteridophylla H Flower of Nasa formosissima, lateral view I Amplexicaul bract of N. formosissima J, K Leaves of Angeldiazia weigendii, abaxial surface, note the overall shape and the ampexicaul leafbase visible in the background L Bract, prophyll and capsules of Nasa angeldiazioides M Lowermost bract of N. angeldiazioides, outlined from a specimen photograph. (Credits: photographs A, B, D B. Esquerre-Ibañez J, K Mario Zapata).

  Part of: Henning T, Acuña Castillo R, Rodríguez Rodríguez EF, García Llatas LF, Weigend M (2019) A new striking and critically endangered species of Nasa (Loasaceae, Cornales) from North Peru. PhytoKeys 121: 13-28.