Comparison between Justicia thailandica, J. quadrifaria, J. championii and J. salicifolia A holotype of Justicia thailandica (Beusekom et al. 3759, MO2366671) B isotype of J. quadrifaria (Wallich 2479a, GZU000251567) C holotype of J. championii (Champion 210, K000884038) D lectotype of Justicia barapaniensis P. Soumya & Sunojk. (a new name (Soumya 2017) for J. salicifolia T. Anderson). Hooker & Thomson s.n., K000884122.

  Part of: Tong Y, Deng Y (2019) Justicia thailandica, a new species of Acanthaceae from Thailand. PhytoKeys 124: 11-22.