Calamagrostis crispifolius; A lower portion of plant, showing basal tuft of curled leaves B lígular area C upper portion of plant showing inflorescence and flag leaf blade D primary branch of the inflorescence E lower glume, dorsal view F upper glume, dorsal view G spikelet, with floret already fallen, lateral view H spikelet, with floret, lateral view I lemma, dorsal view J lemma, lateral view K stylar branch and stigma L palea ventral view, showing the ovary, stamens and lodicules M ovary and lodicules, ventral view N immature caryopsis, dorsal view showing embryo; drawn by Alice R. Tangerini from the isotype, R. Romero Castañeda 7141 (US).

  Part of: Sylvester SP, Soreng RJ, Bravo-Pedraza WJ, Cuta-Alarcon LE, Giraldo-Cañas D, Aguilar-Cano J, Peterson PM (2019) Páramo Calamagrostis s.l. (Poaceae): An updated list and key to the species known or likely to occur in páramos of NW South America and southern Central America including two new species, one new variety and five new records for Colombia. PhytoKeys 122: 29-78.