Corollas showing variations in form (side view), size, limb lobing and stamen exsertion. A Ipomoea argentea B I. repanda C I. neei D I. electrina E I. habeliana F I. santillanii G I. nationis H I. rubriflora J I. longistaminea K I. megapotamica L I. megalantha M I. neriifolia N I. syringifolia P I. ramosissima Q I. elongata R I. mucronatoproducta. A from Wood et al. 25639 and photo; B from Whitefoord 5244; C from Skutch 2043; D from Breedlove 27626; E from Bentley 203; F from Bourgeau 3024; G from Saunders 987; H from Wood et al. 27678; J from Pastore et al. 2678; K from Wood et al. 28060; L from Hassler 9114; M from Rezende et al. 1011; N from Stutz 1426 and photo; P from Bang 2246; Q from Purpus 3904; R from Wood & Villarroel 25474. Drawn by Rosemary Wise.

  Part of: Wood JR.I, Muñoz-Rodríguez P, Williams BR.M, Scotland RW (2020) A foundation monograph of Ipomoea (Convolvulaceae) in the New World. PhytoKeys 143: 1-823.