Deinostigma fasciculatum W.H.Chen & Y.M.Shui, sp. nov. A habit B mature fruits C frontal view of flower D leaf abaxial side E top and back view of flowers F top view of opened corolla showing the interior surface of corolla tube, stamens and staminodes G pistil and calyx, arrow showing the calyx H ovary, calyx and bract. (b = bract, c = calyx, d = disc).

  Part of: Shui Y-M, Wu J-Y, Yu Z-Y, Guo S-W, Chen L, Wen F, Chen W-H (2020) Deinostigma fasciculatum, a new species of Gesneriaceae in Yunnan, China. In: Shui Y-M, Chen W-H, Ren M-X, Wen F, Hong X, Qiu Z-J, Wei Y-G, Kang M (Eds) Taxonomy of Gesneriaceae in China and Vietnam. PhytoKeys 157: 199-206.