Molecular phylogeny for Hainan Oreocharis taxa and 57 Oreocharis species based on combined ITS1/2 and trnL-trnF, there was no significant incongruence based on the incongruence length different (ILD) test between the ITS1/2 and trnL-trnF. Bayesian posterior probability (PP) and ML bootstrap values (BS) are showed above branches. Hainan Oreocharis taxa were showed in grey.

  Part of: Ling S-J, Qin X-T, Song X-Q, Zhang L-N, Ren M-X (2020) Genetic delimitation of Oreocharis species from Hainan Island. In: Shui Y-M, Chen W-H, Ren M-X, Wen F, Hong X, Qiu Z-J, Wei Y-G, Kang M (Eds) Taxonomy of Gesneriaceae in China and Vietnam. PhytoKeys 157: 59-81.