Bayesian Inference tree (a) and network (b) of trnL-F and ycf1b haplotypes of Oreocharis populations in Hainan Island. Posterior probabilities are given above branches. The relative sizes of the circles in the network are proportional to the haplotype frequencies and missing haplotypes are represented by a small black spot.

  Part of: Ling S-J, Qin X-T, Song X-Q, Zhang L-N, Ren M-X (2020) Genetic delimitation of Oreocharis species from Hainan Island. In: Shui Y-M, Chen W-H, Ren M-X, Wen F, Hong X, Qiu Z-J, Wei Y-G, Kang M (Eds) Taxonomy of Gesneriaceae in China and Vietnam. PhytoKeys 157: 59-81.