Field photographs of three closely related species of sect. Meclatis. A–C Clematis mae Z.Z.Yang & L.Xie. (photo taken by M. Ma & Z.Z. Yang) A Biternate leaf and flower buds B Ascending flower and its outside sepals C Flower inside D–F Clematis orientalis L. (photo taken at Shihezi, Xinjiang, China, by Z.Z. Yang) D Habitat and plants of C. orientalis E Flower showing spreading and reflexed sepals F Flower showing discernible hair on the inside sepals G–I Clematis glauca Willd. (photo taken at Liancheng, Gansu, China, by J. He and L. Xie) G Habitat and plant in flower H Cyme and leaves I Flower and young fruit.

  Part of: He J, Lyu R-D, Yao M, Xie L, Yang Z-Z (2019) Clematis mae (Ranunculaceae), a new species of C. sect. Meclatis from Xinjiang, China. PhytoKeys 117: 133-142.