Solanum villosum Mill. A Habit B inflorescence in densely pubescent plant C flowers and buds D immature infructescence E fully mature fruits F fully mature fruits showing reflexed calyx lobes (A Nijmegen accession 884750135 B Nijmegen accession 914750047 C Nijmegen accession A34750061 D Nijmegen accession A34750043 E Nijmegen accession A14750048 F Nijmegen accession A34750038). Photos by T. Särkinen and G. van der Weerden (previously published in “PhytoKeys 106”).

  Part of: Knapp S, Barboza GE, Bohs L, Särkinen T (2019) A revision of the Morelloid Clade of Solanum L. (Solanaceae) in North and Central America and the Caribbean. PhytoKeys 123: 1-144.