Solanum medusae. A Habitat B Habit; note the distinctive decumbent posture C Roots; note the horizontal growth D Branch apex; note the deep purple coloration and leaf shape E Inflorescence; note that the first flower is always long-styled (upper left corner: a more developed inflorescence with an immature fruit being formed from its first flower, and short-styled flowers distally, some of which have already fallen) F Long-styled flower (upper right corner: detail of the slightly unequal anthers with stellate-pubescent connectives; bottom right corner: color difference between the purple post-anthesis corollas and the lilac senescent ones) G Fruit (upper left corner: half of a transversally dissected fruit; upper right corner: seed; bottom right corner: dissected embryo). Photographs A, C–G by Y.F. Gouvêa B by Philipe S. Saviott.

  Part of: Gouvêa YF, Stehmann JR, Knapp S (2019) Solanum medusae (Solanaceae), a new wolf-fruit from Brazil, and a key to the extra-Amazonian Brazilian Androceras/Crinitum Clade species. PhytoKeys 118: 15-32.