Solanum medusae. A Habit B Flowering branch with an immature fruit C Detail of the adaxial leaf surface indumentum D Detail of the abaxial leaf surface indumentum E Trichome types from stems and leaves (Y.F. Gouvêa et al. 230, BHCB). Scale bars: 30 cm (A), 8 cm (B), 0.5 mm (C–E). Drawings by Iago F. Gouvêa.

  Part of: Gouvêa YF, Stehmann JR, Knapp S (2019) Solanum medusae (Solanaceae), a new wolf-fruit from Brazil, and a key to the extra-Amazonian Brazilian Androceras/Crinitum Clade species. PhytoKeys 118: 15-32.