Pamianthe ecollis. A Androecium, with staminal cup B Tip of outer tepal, showing apex and adaxial protuberance C Adaxial protuberance, showing glandular papillae D Opened ovary with ovules (ovules in two locules are visible) E Infructescence of living plant F Seeds, showing variation in shape A–D, F photographs by Juan Felipe Ortega-Giraldo, Laboratorio de Imágenes del Postgrado en Ciencias-Biología, Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia E photo by Laura Clavijo.

  Part of: Meerow AW, Silverstone-Sopkin PA, Zuluaga-Tróchez A, Sánchez-Taborda JA (2019) A remarkable new species of Pamianthe (Amaryllidaceae) from the Department of Cauca, Colombia. PhytoKeys 115: 73-82.