Medinilla theresae Fernando A Habitat at type locality, dwarf forest on ultramafic soils, c. 840 m elevation, Mt Redondo with Mt Kambinliw in the background B Terrestrial, erect growth habit C Leafy branch showing leaves arranged in a whorl and secondary veins faintly visible on adaxial surface D Dried leaf showing adaxial surface with distinct pair of secondary veins E Abaxial surface of same leaf in D without the distinct pair of secondary veins. B, D, E from Fernando 3831 (LBC), C from Fernando 4166 (LBC). Scale bars: 10 cm (B); 2 cm (C–E). All photos by Edwino S. Fernando.

  Part of: Fernando ES, Quakenbush JP, Lillo EP, Ong PS (2018) Medinilla theresae (Melastomataceae), a new species from ultramafic soils in the Philippines. PhytoKeys 113: 145-155.