A−C Muhlenbergia caxamarcensis Lægaard & Sánchez Vega A habit B panicle branch C floret D−G Muhlenbergia ciliata (Kunth) Trin D habit E ligule F glumes G floret. Drawings A−C from Lægaard and Sánchez Vega (1990) from holotype collection (S.A. Renvoize & S. Lægaard 4962) D−G from Peterson and Annable (1991) drawn from P.M. Peterson & C.R. Annable 4541 (WS).

  Part of: Peterson PM, Sánchez Vega I, Romaschenko K, Giraldo-Cañas D, Refulio Rodriguez NF (2018) Revision of Muhlenbergia (Poaceae, Chloridoideae, Cynodonteae, Muhlenbergiinae) in Peru: classification, phylogeny, and a new species, M. romaschenkoi. PhytoKeys 114: 123-206. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.114.28799