Daphnopsis filipedunculata Nevling & Barringer, male individual (A–D) and female individual (E–O). A staminate flowering branch B base of leaf blade C detail of inflorescence with staminate flowers D dissected staminate flower with two whorls of stamens and one pistillode E pistillate flowering branch F detail of inflorescence with three pistillate flowers (fresh material) G detail of inflorescence with five pistillate flowers (dry material) H pistillate flower (dry material) I pistillate flower (fresh material) J Pistil with disc K dissected pistil, longitudinal cut of the ovary showing pendulous ovule L details of the lobed disc in female flower M fruit N seed O embryo. Drawn by João Silveira (A−D modified from Mota and Giulietti 2016) (E, G−H, J−L, N−OWatanabe et al. 485, F, I, MSantos et al. 395 and 396).

  Part of: Watanabe MTC, Mota NFO, Pastore M, Santos FMG, Zappi DC (2018) Completing the jigsaw: the first record of the female plant of Daphnopsis filipedunculata (Thymelaeaceae), an endemic species from the Brazilian Amazon. PhytoKeys 109: 93-101. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.109.28773