Poa combined nrDNA and plastid Baysian analysis showing placement of Eremopoa. Bayesian 50% majority rule consensus tree of combined nrDNA (ITS and ETS) and plastid data (trnT-trnL-trnF, matK and rpoB-trnC). Bayesian posterior probabilities are shown above branches, MP bootstrap values below branches. Major clades are indicated by colour and capital letter; outgroups are shown in black.

  Part of: Gillespie LJ, Soreng RJ, Cabi E, Amiri N (2018) Phylogeny and taxonomic synopsis of Poa subgenus Pseudopoa (including Eremopoa and Lindbergella) (Poaceae, Poeae, Poinae). PhytoKeys 111: 69-101. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.111.28081