Bayesian 50% majority rule consensus trees of Poa based on plastid (trnT-trnL-trnF, rpoB-trnC, MatK) data (left) and nrDNA ITS and ETS data (right). Bayesian posterior probabilities are shown above branches, maximum parsimony bootstrap values below branches. Outgroups are not shown. Major clades are indicated by colour and capital letters. Taxa shown in blue belong to P. subg. Secundae; those in grey are other taxa of putative hybrid origin that belong to different major clades in plastid and nrDNA trees.

  Part of: Soreng RJ, Gillespie LJ (2018) Poa secunda J. Presl (Poaceae): a modern summary of infraspecific taxonomy, chromosome numbers, related species and infrageneric placement based on DNA. PhytoKeys 110: 101-121.