Pontederia subg. Monochoria (C.Presl) M.Pell. & C.N.Horn. A–B habit: A paludal habit of P. australasica (Ridl.) M.Pell. & C.N.Horn B paludal habit of P. cyanea (F.Muell.) M.Pell. & C.N.Horn C ligule of P. vaginalis Burm.f., showing the truncate apex D–E petiolate leaf-blades: D blade of P. cyanea, showing the lack of a posterior division E blade of P. vaginalis, showing the presence of a posterior division F–G inflorescences: F inflorescence of P. australasica, showing the developed main axis G inflorescence of P. plantaginea Roxb., showing the contracted main axis H front view of a flower of P. korsakowii (Regel & Maack) M.Pell. & C.N.Horn I–J inflorescences at post-anthesis: I erect inflorescence of P. hastata L. bearing flowers at post-anthesis J infructescence of P. hastata, showing the deflexed posture and the elongated pedicels K sections of immature capsules of P. vaginalis, showing developing seeds. A, F by M. Barritt B by R. Cumming C, E, K by P.B. Pelser & J.F. Barcelona D by A. & S. Pearson G by D. Valke H by Ashitaka-f Studio and I & J by Cerlin Ng.

  Part of: Pellegrini MOO, Horn CN, Almeida RF (2018) Total evidence phylogeny of Pontederiaceae (Commelinales) sheds light on the necessity of its recircumscription and synopsis of Pontederia L. PhytoKeys 108: 25-83. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.108.27652