Distribution of Acropogon horarius Gâteblé & Munzinger sp. nov. mapped on the geological (A) and soil (B) GIS layers of the Petchécara Pass. Insert A, geology from Gouvernement de la Nouvelle-Calédonie (2018): Λ1, serpentinites; Δ, amphibolites; B1, undifferentiated poly-metamorphic substrate; βP1, undifferentiated basalts and dolerites; Fyz, recent and extant alluvial; Li, listwanites. Insert B, soils from Fritsch (2012): 3d, haplic cambisol combined with lithic leptosol on peridotites; 3e, ferralic cambisol combined with haplic ferralsol on volcano-sedimentary and metamorphic rocks; 5b, posic ferralsol on peridotites.

  Part of: Gâteblé G, Munzinger J (2018) Novitates neocaledonicae X: A very rare and threatened new microendemic species of Acropogon (Malvaceae, Sterculioideae) from New Caledonia. PhytoKeys 110: 1-8. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.110.27599