Greenwayodendron littorale. A Flowering branch B Detail of lower leaf surface C Detail of upper leaf surface D Flower E Outside view of basal bract F Inside view of basal bract G Outside view of upper bract H Inside view of upper bract I Inside view of sepal J Outside view of sepal K Inside view of outer petal L Outside view of outer petal M Outside view of inner petal N Inside view of inner petal O Detail of hermaphrodite receptacle showing stamens and carpels, all petals removed P Detail of one carpel Q Longitudinal section of two carpels, showing single ovule R Detail of stamen, outside view S Detail of stamen, inside view T Detail of stamen, inside view U Fruiting branch V Seed, latitudinal view W Longitudinal section of seed showing ruminations A-TWieringa, J.J. 2476U–WBreteler, F.J. 5649. Drawing by Hans de Vries.

  Part of: Lissambou B-J, Hardy OJ, Atteke C, Stevart T, Dauby G, Mbatchi B, Sonke B, Couvreur TLP (2018) Taxonomic revision of the African genus Greenwayodendron (Annonaceae). PhytoKeys 114: 55-93.