Raphia zamiana, illustrations. A Habit in savannah B Habitat in forest, trunk not visible C Detail of the trunk, with inflorescences and straight fibres D Inflorescence E Partial inflorescence, young F Detail of rachillae G Detail of basal part of 2nd order rachillae, showing small rachillae bracts encircling young flowers H Detail of partial inflorescence (×5) I Female flower ×5 J Female inner bract ×5 K Female calyx ×5 L Female corolla ×5 M Detail of staminodial ring and staminodes N Male flower ×5 O Male calyx ×5 P Male corolla ×5 Q male stamens ×6 R Detail of stamen of male flower ×12 S Infructescence T Fruit, longitudinal section. Drawings based on: A Couvreur 1122 B–D, S, T Mogue; 17 E–R Mogue 44. Drawings by Hans de Vries.

  Part of: Kamga SM, Niangadouma R, Stauffer FW, Sonké B, Couvreur TLP (2018) Two new species of Raphia (Palmae/Arecaceae) from Cameroon and Gabon. PhytoKeys 111: 17-30. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.111.27175