Odontochilus putaoensis X.H.Jin, L.A.Ye & A.T.Mu. A Habit of Odontochilus putaoensis B Front view of flower, showing lip epichile with a pair of erect and concave lobes C Hypochile of Odontochilus putaoensis, indicating small, erect, blade-like, emarginate callus within each sac D Dissected flower, showing pedicel and ovary, column, sepals, petals, lip and a pair of clavate pollinia E Dorsal view of flower, showing dorsal sepal forming a hood with petals. Photographed by X.H. Jin.

  Part of: Aung YL, Mu AT, Jin X (2018) Odontochilus putaoensis (Cranichideae, Orchidaceae), a new species from Myanmar. PhytoKeys 103: 19-26. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.103.25913