Melicope spathulata A habit with flower (Wood 15091, Kaua‘i, Kohua Ridge, US) B flower, lateral view (Ishikawa 302, Kaua‘i, Koke‘e, US) C flower, top view (Ishikawa 302, US) D flower, longitudinal section (Ishikawa 302, Kaua‘i, Koke‘e, US) E fruit (Herbst & Mull 5507, Hawai‘i, Ola‘a, US and Takeuchi et al. 1997, O‘ahu, Ko‘olau Mountains, US).

  Part of: Appelhans MS, Wood KR, Wagner WL (2017) Reduction of the Hawaiian genus Platydesma into Melicope section Pelea (Rutaceae) and notes on the monophyly of the section. PhytoKeys 91: 125-137.