A, B Melicope rostrata, flower (field images of Appelhans et al. MA683, BISH, GOET), fruit (Wood and DeMotta 14490, US, and Flynn 4626, US) CMelicope cornuta var. decurrens flower (field images by Sebastian Marquez and Dave Fahrenwald in the Wai‘anae Mountains) DMelicope cornuta var. cornuta fruit (field images by Joel Lau in Nui, Ko‘olau Mountains).

  Part of: Appelhans MS, Wood KR, Wagner WL (2017) Reduction of the Hawaiian genus Platydesma into Melicope section Pelea (Rutaceae) and notes on the monophyly of the section. PhytoKeys 91: 125-137. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.91.21363