Phylogenetic affinities of Hawaiian Melicope section Pelea (incl. Platydesma) based on five plastid and nuclear markers (modified from Appelhans et al. 2014a). “Subsections” Apocarpa, Megacarpa and Pelea contain exclusively Hawaiian and Marquesan species and “subsection” Platydesma includes the former Hawaiian genus Platydesma. The New Caledonian species of Melicope section Pelea are part of the “mixed clade” and we therefore propose to exclude them from section Pelea.

  Part of: Appelhans MS, Wood KR, Wagner WL (2017) Reduction of the Hawaiian genus Platydesma into Melicope section Pelea (Rutaceae) and notes on the monophyly of the section. PhytoKeys 91: 125-137.